FMTXD on PR1.3

So, i finally found some time to fix 1.3 fmtxd
Power level still set to 120, and it will not lock power
Region will automatically change to 4 ( full frequency range )
It will keep running when headphones/usb is plugged in
Installation procedure is exactly same as in previous version

Lightscribe for KDE 3

Just a bit of software i patched long time ago and decided to share now.
it used to compile couple years ago on gentoo with lightscribe libs from lacie, it's not the best patch but it made easy making of lightscribe labels possible.

N900 FM Transmitter with charger connected

After being fed up with dilemma - charge phone while driving or listen to music ( sound quality at reduced power is not really acceptable ) i decided to fix the problem, after doing some research I've came up with couple ideas:
- script that would keep power level constantly at 113 ( or more )
- modify kernel driver to keep power at high level all the time and ignore changes
- modify fmtxd binary

Chromium for Maemo

For all people that are using old howtos:

There is no chromium-5.0.369.2.deb and libxss-1.1.3.deb.
Use libxss1 from maemo extras-devel repository and chromium from my repository.

Due to some patent issues with chromium i've decided to move chromium to my own repository.
deb fremantle free non-free
Package requires libxss1 that's still in extras-devel reposity.

Some more details on a case:

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